We partner with business leaders to unleash the potential
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Syntropy Group is a boutique management consulting firm offering services to the AEC sector (Architectural, Engineering and Contracting firms). Our extensive experience in this sector ensures we have the knowledge and expertise to develop and execute the right strategies for your business.



We are proud to work with great clients. We happily share acknowledgement for our role in helping our clients succeed, but we aren't able to help them without their progressive leadership. As progressive companies, they are excited to share their experience working with us.


We can explain!

Let's start with some science.


The word "Entropy" is a physics principle that states that every system moves towards chaos. That is, over time, everything in the universe becomes less orderly.


A simple example of this is a rotting apple. As time goes by, the molecular structure of the apple becomes "more chaotic" as it decays. While scientists have developed effective methods to slow this process down, inevitably, entropy will always prevail.


"Syntropy" is the inverse of this. It means to bring chaos into order.


We chose this name for our firm because this is essentially what we do. We drive change in companies to make them more organized and effective in delivering results.


It is a neverending battle, like the universe, businesses will always need a little syntropy.




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