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We like to create value. When we focus on doing great work, success will take care of itself.


Our approach to providing services is based on aligning with our clients. We do this by following a 3 step process:

Phase 1: Initial Fixed Price Consulting Project

Phase 2:  Month to Month Advisory Service

Phase 3: Clients for Life



Our Leadership Alignment solution is the initial phase of our business improvement process. It can be a stand alone service or be procured as a kick-off to a more intense implementation engagement.



Our Strategy Development solution is effective for companies who  are looking for innovative strategies to build a sustainable competitive advantage and value outside help with expertise in the construction sector.



All value lies in Strategic Execution. Our solution is based on a methodolical process that will teach your leadership how to build a culture of performance that can be repeated to drive results year after year.


Your industry is changing faster than your organization. To gain a competitive edge, you need to embrace change and your company culture needs to be built for continuous transformation. Our solutions have been developed based on expertise in how the construction sector works and how to effectively lead change in a highly dynamic and variable industry.


Our Approach
Leadership Alignment

Engage us for Leadership Alignment when:

  • You want to implement a new strategy or undertake a transformation. You need alignment, clarity and engagement on what you or your team expects the organization to do – and how.

  • Your leadership team is aligned on the general need for change in your business, but needs to identify and define a specific opportunity to direct and guide the effort.


What to expect:

  • The Obstacle Removing Interviews: The leadership team responsible for leading the transformation meets for one on one confidential interviews with our consultant team so that we can identify the big culture barriers to leading change in your organization. In addition, we will conduct random interviews with members of each department or division in your company to gain further insights towards obstacles.


  • The Vision and Goals Session(s): We meet with your leadership team for a half day or multiple days with the goal of aligning your team towards a common vision for the firm and the identifcation of a clearly articulated short to mid term goals to move the business towards that vision.


  • Timeframe: One to four weeks.


  • The Deliverable: Together with your leadership team, we will identify the "30,000 foot" plan that will outline the big deliverables we need to accomplish in order to get the business to where we want to get it.


Engage us for a Strategy Development when:

  • A transformation initiative is needed, but the business is stuck or the initiative is being questioned

  • You need to get some quick wins to obtain success in the short term


What to expect:

  • The Strategic Audit: We meet with your leadership team for a half day or multiple days to perform a detailed benchmarking exercise to understand how each area in your business compares to best practices in your industry.


  • The Goals and Objectives Session(s): We meet with your leadership team for a half day or multiple days to review the outcome of our strategic audit and identify which area of the business requires optimization. We then develop a high level plan based on priorities and a pace of change that is suitable for your business.


  • The Timeframe: Three to six weeks


  • The Deliverable: A detailed tactical plan with milestones and timelines is developed to set the tone of what we will achieve and by when.  



Strategy Development


Engage us for a Strategic Execution when:

  • You know you need to transform your business, but efforts in the past haven't been successful

  • You have a strategic plan, but don't have the team to execute on it

  • You need help making things stick


What to expect:

  • Full Application of our Change Process:  To drive real change in your business


  • A Hands on Consultant Team: Willing to break a sweat and work shoulder to shoulder with you to drive progress.


  • Real Learning: Enabling you to do the work required to drive change.


  • Project Management: We work off of a detailed tactical plan to provide transparency in what will be accomplished and by when.


  • The Timeframe: Twelve to twenty-four months


  • The Deliverable: Accelerated business results and a performance driven culture


Ready to pioneer your own path toward change? Contact us today.


Strategic Execution
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