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About Us

Consultants to AEC Firms. 

We are a boutique management consulting firm that helps build high performing companies in the building and infrastructure sector.


Our team has decades of technical and leadership experience working with Contractors, Engineers and Architects. We provide comprehensive consulting services from strategic advisory to technology implementation. All of our efforts are geared to helping businesses change for the better.



What Makes Us Different?


95% of our clients provide products and services in the building and infrastructure sector. We know your industry inside out.


What's right for another business isn't always right for you. Every business has realities that they must manage or else change won't happen. We are Entrepreneurs too. We know that we need to be realistic with what can be accomplished.


Consultants have a bad reputation and are known for charging a lot and providing a little. Syntropy has developed a method of consulting that ensures our clients receive value for money. No long term contracts. If we are not providing value, fire us, we deserve it.




Founded in 2012, Syntropy Group is where AEC firms go to learn how they can gain a competitive advantage by building a culture that quickly adapts to industry innovations. 



We have taken the bold step to share our company performance with our entire team. We believe that we can only be fully aligned by being completely open with where we want to go and how we are performing.

Up or Out

We help our team members "move up" in life. Performing leads to opportunity. If together we aren't creating opportunities, then it's time to move on.

Embrace Change

We will continue to challenge our clients, employees and partners to always be improving.



We do what we do because we enjoy it. As soon as that stops, we need to take action.

What We Stand For

Meet The Team

Tony Cancelliere

Tony Cancelliere


Managing DIrector

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Tony is responsible for the overall management of the firm, but spends most of his time helping clients build great businesses.

Meet the Team
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